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VW Bulli Concept

If you like ‘Modern Retro’ and that Iconic camper shape then you’ll love the new VW Bulli Concept!

VW’s Bulli has a history that dates back to 1950, but VW seem to have brought it bang up to date with the new version with 21st century technology and some serious power under the hood. Volkswagen says that they replaced the Bulli’s rear mounted four-cylinder engine with an 85-kilowatt electric motor that gives power to the front wheels. The motor is juiced up by a lithium-ion battery that can hold 40 kWh which translates into a range of just under 190miles. In addition, the Bulli can zip from 0 to 60 mph in around 11.5 seconds and has a top running speed of 87 mph, which is more than adequate!

The Interior is the perfect combination of classic ‘bulli’ design with modern touches, The immediate feature that stands out is the centre console featuring an iPad docking station. This provides the main hub for a totally interactive experience, Sat Nav and phone call’s as you’d expect but they say you’ll even control things like the climate control off the device. Talk about geeky!

The VW Bulli is even geeky when it comes to utilizing space, It easily converts to a proper ‘Transporter’ then back to an MPV. The seating arrangement is 3 up front like a classic crew cab and 3 in the rear. The folding seat combinations are mind boggling to maximize load space and carrying space.

The big question is , when will it be on the roads? Who know’s is the answer i’m afraid, although VW seem to leave concepts as concepts the Bulli is slightly different although its all very futuristic and full of technology VW has suggested it can accommodate a petrol or diesel engine. So maybe we may see this sooner than expected!